Monday, October 16, 2006

Potty Time

Last night, the girls and I were in my room watching The Incredibles. Riley and I were on the bed and Lucy was on the floor.

"I'm pooping," I heard Lucy note.

"You're pooping?" I questioned, as I got up to get a clean diaper and wipes.

"No," she said, straining, "I'm just relaxing."

She was pooping.


  1. I love that face they make.

  2. Me too, it's so wistful, a long-distance stare.

  3. My son was constipated last night (this happens all the time) and I gave him an enema...toddler poop faces are entertaing to say the least...

  4. Dear God! Enemas?!? I don't envy you or your little guy.

  5. enemas suck. I know-- I had to administer one to MYSELF a week or so ago...

    what's more interesting is how kids learn, at an early age, how to waffle and change their story based on what they think the adult might say...

  6. We had the damndest time potty training our first child. The second child, so far, has been an absolute breeze.

    Sounds like quite a Kodak Moment at your house.