Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Leadership Lessons from Flannery

This is what I learned how to do at work today:

  • Advocate for doing the right thing

  • Tell the truth without malace

I'll let you know how that turned out...


  1. Ok, I'll bite: what does this have to do with Slash?

  2. There doesn't have to be any reason for including Slash. Slash can just be...

    He's hot!

  3. the tilt of Slash's head makes him look like he's GIVING head...


  4. 2 facts about me:

    1) The guitar solo which opens "Sweet Child O' Mine" makes me really happy and causes me to crank the audio.

    2) I had no idea that was a picture of Slash until I read your comments.

  5. That pic is a screen shot from Guitar Hero III, where Slash will be a boss at the end of the game you have to defeat.

    I love Sweet Child Of Mine too; it has the same effect on me.

  6. Slash looks like he's made of wax in that picture. Yellow wax. He could be a Simpsons character! But he has too many fingers.

  7. so you learned something that makes you feel like Slash??? That's awesome! Keep up the rock-start mentality, but don't wear the hat.