Monday, July 09, 2007

Holy Shit! What Did I Get Myself Into?

I got my homework assignment posted online in the nick of time. That'll teach me to procrastinate. Yeah, right. I'm still rattled, though. This professor is a real hard-ass and I know my work isn't my best, at least on one of the assignments. Thank God my other professor is a laid-back, mellow guy.

Where's my valium?


  1. Deep cleansing breath Flan...

    Ahhhhhh, there, now isn't that better?

    No? Then take half of that bottle of Valium.

  2. Wait. You post your homework on your blog now? I never thought of that. Brilliant.

  3. I'm all better...for now, though I've had to accept the fact I may get an (gasp) F on my first assignment. No big whoop,'s only a fraction of my grade. I'll recover.

    And Grant Miller I'm taking an online course and I have to post my homework through a completely nutty online system that's worse than blogger, if you can imagine.

  4. It's right there - next to the vicodin, silly.

  5. I don't think it's possible for you to get an "F".

  6. Gee, you sound like me. What happened to all that talk about Slackademics?