Sunday, July 08, 2007

John Mayer Reads My Blog

Elizabeth informed me that John Mayer changed the lyrics of Waiting on the World to Change to We're Not Waiting on the World to Change for the Live Earth concert. I'm sure it's because he read this post.

Your welcome.


  1. Are you going to start following him around in a Prius now? When you reach out and touch someone, you really mean it don't you?

  2. No way. Actually, when I want to reach out and touch John Mayer, I'd really like to strangle him, up until very recently.

  3. as Kipper would say, "that's brilliant!"

    now, when you get me some readers in Russia during your month in an apron, I"ll be REAL impressed, 'cuz THEN I'll know what the hell you're TALKING about!!

    (this must be why I don't do well at crosswords-- I don't know enuff pop cul-chah)

  4. Can we say that we knew you "back when"?

  5. I'll think about it, Skyler's Dad. Then I'll have my people let you know.