Wednesday, July 25, 2007

My New Hair-Do Is Worth +1 Charisma

I got my haircut yesterday. I was flipping through the style books, as I always do and came up short handed. Why do those books always seem like they ar 17 years out of date? I swear, Every one of the Designing Women hairstyles was represented, including Anthony Bouvier's. So I searched through the other magazines and pulled out the one with Daniel Ratcliff on the cover. As I was flipping through, I saw a picture of Victoria Beckham. And God descended from the heavans with his heavenly choir in tow and rested his holy index finger on ther photo. That was the haircut I have been looking for.

I haven't always been a trendy girl. Well, not for the past few years. But recently, I've become a huge fasion fan. It has ispired me to quest for my new look, a signature style that will last me at least three more haircuts. And I've accomplished that quest. The Rachel cut I was saddled with died an uncerimonious death.
I swear, I don't know why some hairdressers ask you what you want! They never do it. I should just answer that question with, "Why don't you just cut it the way you are planning to." That's what I get for getting my haircut at Walmart.

Sure, I've copied Victoria Beckahm's doo, but not identically. My hair is still dark. But I'll tell you what, I've gotten more compliments on my hair today. It's been a real boost to the old self esteem and it couldn't have come at a better time. So, thanks, Becks and welcome to America.


  1. I effing love Posh's hair! Good for you for getting such an awesome cut.

  2. As long as you like it, I like it.

  3. You need to share a picture of your new look with us!

    Sigh... I wish I had enough hair to get a new look...

  4. yeah, I want to see how it looks on you, too. I don't know, I didn't like the look when A Flock Of Seagulls made it popular and I don't like how it is so defined on her, but I'd have to see you with it and make a judgement call then.

    That's interesting about your newfound interest in fashion, I've noticed the past few years I've been getting more interested in it, too. Hmmmm....guess it means great minds think alike.

    Of course I love Posh and Becks, and not tired of the hype machine yet, so I am happy they are here.

  5. Use that +1 bonus well. Perhaps you could talk your way out of a sticky situation with some irate villagers...

  6. Give ME hair. Long, beautiful hair. shinin', gleamin... Sheenin' flaxin-waxin.

    You know, gimmie it down to there-- shoulder length or longer...

    I figger I've saved prolly a thousand bucks by cutting it at home myself and WITHOUT one of those expensive, newfangled Flowbees!!

    Yes, yes. A good, sharp breadknife will do wonders for your hair, me dear, but why listen to me??

  7. That is S-E-X-X-Y! Can't wait to see the pics.

  8. EG, I will post pictures this weekend.

    BO, you are a fashion lost cause.

    Frank, I've already used my +1 bonus to get extra pickles at Subway, two free beers, and boat loads of flirts from strangers and friends alike.

    Genn6: Let's talk fashion me!

    SD, can you work your facial hair to get a new look?

    Phil, ever the diplomat...

    KID, thanks!

  9. Ooh la la! :-)

    I just got my hair cut too. As she was cutting it, the chick asked me if I wanted her to blow it dry straight. "Hmmm," I thought for a few seconds, and then she said, "Yeah, I think we should straighten it." Sure. Do whatever you want.

  10. She gives so much to so many. God Bless Posh. Or is it Flannery?

  11. You can imitate Posh's hair, but please don't imitate her breasts. Or those nipple stickers.

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