Sunday, August 19, 2007

Adopt-An-Actor: Did You Know?

Here are some fun facts about my precious little adoptee, Tony Hale:

  • He attended Samford University in Birmingham, Alabama and graduated in 1992. Their motto is "For God, For Learning, Forever," which is a bit creepy.
  • He is a devout Christian and he founded a Christian ministry, The Haven, in New York City for artists.
  • He's got a daughter, Loy Ann, and was unprepared for how much having a child would change his life.
  • He says that Will Ferrell is a cool, level-headed guy.
  • He's a huge Dustin Hoffman fan.
  • He's a huge folk music fan.
  • He is quoted as saying, "Great joy comes out of great pain."

Here is a video of his breakthrough performance (we're so proud):


  1. the kid is unaware of how her life will change because she's named "Loy Ann".

  2. Excellent research. I remember that commercial. And as I recall we both kind of liked it.

  3. I remember that commercial. Now I know why he's so good at playing dorks. He really is one. To quote Doc, "Bless his pointed little head".

  4. Little known fact you may have missed:

    The only reason he attended Samford U is because when he says it fast enough, everyone assumes he said Stanford and are all impressed.

  5. Perhaps, sky dad. I prefer to think he meant to send his application to Stanford, but was too hungover to write clearly and ended up at Samford.

  6. What? Tony Hale was on Samford and Son?

  7. he jumped the shark for me at the motto of his undergrad, so I didn't bother with the video. Was it any good?

  8. That's what I love about you, BO, your open mind.

  9. My baby brother (23), who occasionally stumbles across TV shows I already love, like _Sports Night_. During a recent phone conversation he was telling me how much I'd love AD, and I was telling him I already did. I so wish I could have "The Final Countdown" as my phone ring; that'd rock.