Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas Is Over, Yo!

We made it. And, to answer your question: There were no tears Christmas morning. Riley wasn't looking for a kid's car with a roof and four seats. I did give her and Lucy their own tape measures and mentioned, "Hey! We can use these to construct the roof on your car!" And she thought that was a capital idea.


I'm looking forward to the new year and all it has to offer. I'm not making any resolutions, but I do have plans:

  1. I hope to knock the dust off my novel and get it going again. I actually had a dream that contained a great line I must include.

  2. I'm going to blog more and comment more. I'm struggling because I feel like I don't have anything orignial to add here. I just need to dig deeper...

  3. Oh, the old standard: Exercise/eat right. Maybe this year I can find my inner Richard Simmons and throttle him to death with my inner Billy Blanks
  4. Start preparing for Christmas in January. God, I hate being under the gun and not prepared. I felt like this year, I wasn't as thoughtful about others as I have been in the past. That's going to're all getting something handmade.
  5. I'm going to make our house sparkle from inside out. And I'm going to eat that elephant one hamberger at a time. I will perfect each square foot individually and start over next year. Circle of housework, we'll call it, Simba.

I'll stop there. Anyone in HR knows that 3-5 goals per year is the max. I think I can take it. Maybe I'll use them as themes and report on my progress throughout the year. Anyway, happy New Year to you. I hope you get kissed at midnight!


  1. You have already started off with a bang, what with your new look blog and sharp looking profile photo!

    Cheers to a wonderful new year!!

  2. Nice new look, yo. Glad you made it through Christmas ok!

    I know what you mean about preparing for Christmas starting in January. This year I thought I was doing that, and I was feeling all slick--I even started shopping in August--and then, BAM. Christmas was a couple of days away and I felt totally unprepared. I'm not sure what happened.

    We did take advantage of a post Christmas day with nothing to do yesterday by totally cleaning out our bedroom adn getting rid of a lot of junk. That was nice.

  3. A nice new avatar for the New Year and BTW, Happy New Year!

  4. Happy New Year! I hope I get kissed at midnight too. ;)

    You have two little girls (and Doc), I don't think the housework thing will work out for ya too well, but it's always nice to shoot for something. ;) The others, you should be fine. Have a lovely holiday!

  5. SD: Thanks! Cheers to you, too!

    Bubs: Thanks! I love getting rid of stuff too.

    Cormac: Thank you and same to you!

    Genn6: I'll make it work! I swear I will! that a new video game in that pile over there...

  6. I'm very happy to have woken up to face a new year. Shouldn't you be blogging right now? Shouldn't I? You must be out shopping for Christmas presents. I always wait until about 3 days before and things seem to work out fine.