Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Pithy Memos from the Management

Hey gang,

I woke up this morning and put my slippers on. As I scooted to the bathroom to begin my morning ablutions, I reached down to pet the cat. Well, boy, let me tell you what! The cat and I were flailing around like cartoon characters! I could literally see his skeleton glow in the dark.

So I thought now was a good time to warn you all about the dangers of static electricity at this time of year. The amount of static electricity that is generated in these cold, dry days really can cause quite a spark, and Mr. Whiskers and I learned that the hard way! It can make your hair stand on end, your skirt stick to your legs (or your pants stick to your legs) or you could even be walking around with a sock stuck to your back and not even know it! In fact, it is so powerful, that if you pilot light should go out and you’re not careful about scooting in your slippers, you and your cat could be history!

Please, please, please use caution when scooting. Or better yet: get a humidifier.

Susan Johnson
Manager of Customer Relations
Consolidated Informatics

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  1. Baby's On Fire! What the hell is going on around there?! Consolidated Informatics - sounds like another great band name.