Wednesday, December 03, 2008

I had the strangest dream...

I was in Boston and staying in a cheap hotel with my parents. The room was paneled and the bed had brown bedspreads. There was orange indoor/outdoor carpet. We weren't there long until I couldn't find my luggage. I searched and searched until I found my duffle bag wadded up and filled with empty Walmart bags. When I started pulling the bags out, I noticed that there was rat poop in the bottom. Well, it's what I identified in my dream as rat poop, but it looked like this:

I was sufficiently skeeved out so I went out on the balcony to watch the boats in the harbor. There were many novelty boats like a river boat complete with paddles, a ski boat and a ferris wheel boat. they were all sort of miniturized and driven by people using a bicycle wheel rig. They were flying around in the small area of sky blue waters outside my window. The waters were cordoned off by boardwalks with no railing, which I found to be quite unsafe. But then again the water only looked knee-deep anyway.

I went back into the room, which was like three hotel rooms together. There were pigeons roosting on the drapery rods and the rat made an appearance. It was a big rat. It looked like a wet, white cat.

I bravely got up and let the rat out the patio door and went to talk to my Mom, who was lying on the bed. I told her I was sorry about the rat, but I'd never experienced rats in Boston before; I had always stayed "On the hill" and not by the harbor.

We went out on the patio and looked at the surreal water. I had a moment of peace where I could just enjoy the silence, even though I was still worried about what happened to my clothes and what I was supposed to do for work and why no celebrities had appeared.
What could it mean?


  1. No clue, but I feel a lot like the white cat. Oh it's Cordoned Off. (Sorry, the editor in me).

  2. Thanks for the edit. I've fixed it. I've been thinking about you...I will call you later.

  3. I don't have any clues about your dream, but I do have a general comment about dreams. I never have any that make any sense, are longer than what I assume is about 5 seconds in real time, and almost never remember them.

    Does that make me strange?

  4. Perhaps it's just like David Allan Coe once sang, "Boston ain't your kind of town."

  5. You're not drunk enough when you go to sleep. I love those wacky dreams but could do without rats of any kind.

  6. The white cat is your celebrity in disguise... I'm thinking Billy Idol.

  7. "What could it mean?"

    No more Oreos just before bedtime, especially after having Chinese food for dinner...they just don't mix.

  8. It means David Lynch would like you to write a movie treatment for him.

  9. SD: That's not what makes you strange. ;-)

    Trooper Thorn: Welcome! But...I love Boston! But you could be right, David Allen Coe rarely leads one astray.

    Dale: You have a point. I'll add booze to my grocery list.

    GKL: That's it! I wonder why I never realized it. That rat did slink like Billy Idol.

    Cormac Brown: How about Oreos and Bacon?

    Bubs: I'll give David a call...I'd like to have a screen writing job.

  10. Everything goes with bacon, but that doesn't mean it won't make your dreams any less cryptic.

  11. Hmmmm....I'm wondering where the celebrities are, too. Now that's weird!