Thursday, November 27, 2008

Haiku Week: The Thanksgiving Finale!

Happy Thanksgiving, yo! And thanks to all who participated in Haiku Week! Namely, Deadspot, Skyler's Dad, Cormac Brown, Chris, Bubs and the Cap'n. Enjoy the gravy!

Walt Whitman was cool
Had a body electric
A beard and a hat

I can't resist you,
or the haiku's siren call.
Run away with me.

Haiku compells usto see
life's tiny beauties.
Let me get my keys.

Whirring props cut wind.
I grasp the armrests, breath deep
and choke on your Brut.

I used to wear Brut
Mom bought me some for Christmas
Back when I was ten

Low-flying airplane.
Four nervous friends glance upward:
This time no bombs fall.

you found a treasure
Three lines of strong visuals
I got the shivers.

Box, circle, and box,
Amid the shrinking houses,
Says my tribe was here.

Lavatory door:
It says you're occupado
but I gotta go!

Butter and shortnin;
Golden balls baked in a row,
Heaven in bite size

mmmm mmmm mmmm mmmm mmmm
mmmm mmmm mmmm mmmm mmmm mmmm mmmm mmmm
mmmm mmmm mmmm tasty

you said a mouthful!
those cookies were tasty, true
but very fragile.

I can not believe
with all that great taste and smell
it is not butter!

what else could it be?
playdough? Bacon fat? Swiss cheese?
it boggles the mind.

I've done smarter things
Than climbing in a hot tub
During a cold snap.

Terrible T.V.
and chicken soup's gentle steam.
This, Deadspot prescribes.

The Price Is Rigth, Friend
Soup and snuggles are just right
To ward off this bug.

Improve your meetings;
Puppets add flair and style
To boring topics.

Oh, hey, PowerPoint.
It's the devil's own software.
Please, please make it stop.

Transitions, clip art
Animated charts...and me
Sliding to stupor

with searching comes loss
and the presence of absence
"my novel" not found

A cryptic haiku
of personal loss and gain
I hope to read more

Water, yeast, flour
And some salt form stretchy warmth,
Yielding in my hands

bread is my weakness
I can almost smell it from here
when should I arrive?

bread dough in my hands
reminds me of Todd Rungren
beating boss's head

Was in your kitchen
waiting on a ride from Doc
flour everywhere

Uh, that last haiku
wasn't really true at all
SUGAR was left out

I prefer Doc's socks,
Warm, woolen; I pull them on
and he is with me.

Doc's feet freeze in Ohio cold
This must be true devotion
Is this correct?

Doc has tons of socks
But it bugs the shit out of
him when I snatch them.

True love/devotion, indeed.


  1. Have a wonderful day, give Doc a squeeze, and let others help out.

  2. I love it!

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  3. Happy Thanksgiving to all you, Doc, and all the Alden clan! And give my best to your fellow Tiki-ites!

  4. Dad saw jellybeans.
    "that's from the Peanuts special!"
    "there's peanuts in these?"

    "No, Dad! Charlie Brown!
    Snoopy served them jellybeans!"
    Dad still looked puzzled.

    Haven't you seen it?
    Sitting close with your grandkids?
    Have Doc and Flann failed?

  5. These are great. Haiku is so spare and economical.

  6. Hope you are all having a wonderful holiday!

  7. My favorites are Walt Whitman and the one where you own up to stealing my socks all the time.


  8. Excellent haikuing people. Hope you had a great Thanksgiving!!

  9. I love haiku. Poor George wrote a nice one a few years ago about Ted Haggard. If you search that name on my blog you may find it. Not for the easily offended.

  10. Oh, and do get in touch when you come to SD! I'm still at the same email and cell phone.