Friday, November 21, 2008

Haiku Week! Airplane Edition

Whirring props cut wind.
I grasp the armrests, breath deep
and choke on your Brut.


  1. I had to cheat to find this one:

    Low-flying airplane.
    Four nervous friends glance upward:
    This time no bombs fall.

  2. Box, circle, and box,
    Amid the shrinking houses,
    Says my tribe was here.

    (My flying ritual is to look for soccer fields as we climb away from the airport and as we come in for a landing. I almost blogged about it earlier this week.)

  3. Lavatory door:
    It says you're occupado
    but I gotta go!

  4. We:
    you found a treasure
    Three lines of strong visuals
    I got the shivers.

    lovely and wistful
    It sounds like a good story
    I can read your mind

    Some guy:
    ha! That was funny
    you have your finger on the
    pulse of travellers

    Cormac: thanks!

  5. Skylers dad, that first comment above is for you.

  6. I used to wear Brut
    Mom bought me some for Christmas
    Back when I was ten