Thursday, November 06, 2008

Science Lessons

When I was in Kindergarten, I learned that water boils at a certain temperature, but in places of high altitude, like, say, Colorado, you have to wait longer or heat it higher for it to happen. It gave me this habit of mind, whenever I have to boil something, my mind wanders to Colorado or the Continental Divide (featured in the movie with the same name). Then I'd move on to other things.

But tonight as I was waiting for the water/milk to boil for mashed potatoes, I did go to Colorado...but it didn't stop there. My mind turned to Skyler's Dad, and GKL (both of them). It made me smile to have a reason to think about you away from the computer.

This recent Halloween Pagent was great fun, thank you officially Beth, from the bottom of my heart. I found some new blogs and reconnected with some old pals. (Cormac Brown, I'm talking to you.) The spirit of fun and commaradarie generated by this pageant were a breath of fresh air in this dire time. It was a fine example of what's best in blogging.

So to anyone new out there: Hello and welcome. I'm looking forward to holding you in my thoughts.

To everyone who stops in: Hello and I read your blog was AWESOME.


  1. Thanks for thinking of us high up Flan, and you are correct about the water boiling at a different temperature here.

    I worked for the Colo Dept of Highways just out of high school, and my route was up Mt Evans, one of our 14,000 foot peaks. They had a crest house at the peak at that time, and would cook donuts there that were interesting, almost like eating air!

  2. It's like family, only better, because this time you do get to choose.

  3. You know who's awesome?


    In fact, I think I might just give you a call.

  4. I didn't know that about water boiling at a different temperature. How dare you make me learn!! Don't you know I only come here to be charmed, amused, cajoled and wonder how you can be so effing awesome consistently? I guess I'm over the anger of learning thing now.

  5. "Hello and I read your blog was AWESOME."

    Likewise...though I am upset (and it's nobody's fault but mine) because when you reminded me of the Belushi/Blair Brown film, I now have a constant loop of John tumbling down the hillside. That was in the original trailer, then HBO ran that constantly.

    Here's a fact back at you, Hellman's Mayo is called "Best Foods" when it is jarred west of the Rockies.

  6. I'm sorry I haven't been love-crushing my bloggies as much as I'd like to, but I do think about you. And would still like to meet up - I owe you your books!