Tuesday, October 21, 2008

On The Road Again Soon!

I'm off to Nashville in a couple of weeks (November 10-12). Anyone care to meet? Just let me know. I guess it's the week of the CMA awards so I may get to meet the likes of Billy Ray Cyrus and those guys in that one band that not Kelly Pickler but that other blond on AI loved...she won...what the hell is her name? I can't remember...she knocked out headlights in one of her songs and she wanted Jesus to take the wheel. Seriously...I've totally blanked.


  1. I feel a blogcake/flash fiction coming on re: that whole "Jesus take the wheel" song...

    Meanwhile, are we tackling the basement this Saturday before you go??

  2. When you go to Nashville, stop by Tootsies - my favorite bar in the world.