Sunday, October 19, 2008

Cap'n! Man Overboard!

This weekend, I enlisted the help of a well-known Cap'n to save me from drowning in the clutter. He gamely threw me a life preserver and we were off!

The upstairs has been spanked into shape with the Cap'n's cherry spirit and my evil genius...

I'm ready to seal up this place for winter. Doc and the Cap'n rearranged the living room so that we will be able to enjoy the fireplace. Doc has the hot tub primed and tested. And the kids are ready for Hallowween.

So look out Mr. Freeze! We're eating our breakfast and are ready to kick your ass.


  1. That looks like a man ready to battle some kipple!

  2. The kids are lookin good, ready to take on whatever comes their way!

  3. May I borrow the Cap'n next weekend?

  4. EG: He was...totally! Did you like the shirt?

    SD: True enough!

    Beth: It's ok with me.

  5. thank yew, thank yew. Actually, I kinda LIKE restoring order to chaos. It makes me feel like I've accomplished something. That, and Spooky is leery to let me near her washing machine for fear I'll scrub clothes like I did at Possum Lodge-- all in one big mish-mash pile, reds with whites and whatnot-- so I got to get it out of my system by scrubbin' up 7 loads o' laundry at your pad!!

    They're all in baskets in the back bedroom. I draw the line at folding.

  6. Where was the Cap'n on the weekend when I needed him?! Oh, he was there, helping you. I guess that's okay. You win this time Flannery!

  7. Did I like the tee shirt? Have you seen your new avatar?