Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Big Wicked Online Pageant

The lovely Beth has challenged us to post photos of ourselves dressed to the nines for Halloween. I've really enjoyed looking at all of your photos, so I thought I'd share some of mine. I'm a day late and a dollar short but I think I can still slip under the wire. I went searching through my parents' photos this evening and found a few that I couldn't decide on. So, I'm posting them all.

First, we have a group photo. See if you can spot my mug...

Yep, the crazed gunwoman...that's me!
A year or so later, my family and I went to a costume party...

That's my Dad as Groucho, my cousin is a hula girl, my Mom's Miss Piggy (she later threw up in that hat), and me? I'm Adam Ant, of course.

And the costume of which my Mom is most proud...

A terrorist! That's an automatic squirt gun in my left hand and a knife in my right...look out you capitalist pigs! Give me all your candy!!

I hope you enjoyed these as much as I've enjoyed yours. Happy Halloween and Trick or Treat!


  1. Wonderful! I had no idea that you engaged in Adam-antics in your past.

  2. You're no Goody Two Shoes are you? I need to hear more about your Mom throwing up in her hat instead of throwing in the towel. Excellent photos!

  3. I vote for you Flan, yours are the best!!

  4. Love the gun-totin' Flannery -- and your mom's puke hat!

    You're on the pageant roll!

  5. Hell, that beats th' cray-yapp outta what I gots comin' tomorrow (Wed). I love th' crazed look in yer eyes when U get yer mitts on a gun.

    And Flann-Dadd looks mighty fine as Groucho! And what's with this throwing up in her hat? Did she eat a Crunchy Frog or something??

  6. Wow, "stand and deliver" indeed. Let's see; "Flannie Oakley," "Adam Fl-ant" and "Flan-bo!" You did Halloween up right.

  7. hilarious! I like the terrorist one the most. Think anyone would let their kid dress like that now?

  8. Great, great pictures! Love the Adam Ant one.

  9. All great costumes. And any Halloween that ends with someone throwing up in their hat is a success, as far as I'm concerned.

  10. I spotted you right away in the first photo - the eyes are undeniable!

    Happy (belated) anniversary! I didn't know we would be having the same date. And, you and Doc have been married as long as PG and I have been together (I'm not sure how long you dated before you got hitched, but we started at the end of 1997.)

  11. Bubs: Yep! The first concert I chose to go to was on his Viva La Rock tour. I luuuurved him.

    Dale: No sir! About my Mom...she had to work until 7 and then rush home and get into costume. We headed out to New Philly, which was a good 45 mins away. When we got there, she had some wine, but had forgotten to eat dinner. So, one thing leads to another and on the ride home, she puked in that hat. We pulled over and she pitched the hat onto the side of the road. Somewhere on I-77 north, there's a nylon, puke-besmirched Easter bonnet rotting.

    SD: Thank you!

    Beth: I'm thrilled! Thank you for hosting this.

    Cap'n: Thanks! See my explanation above.

    Cormac: You got it! It's good to see you again!

    Lulu: Probably not. I knew I was being edgy at the time. It was the last year I trick-or-treated. Fortunately, no one probably even saw me since we still trick-or-treated at night back in the day.

    GKL: Thank you! A ho in the making for sure...

    Suze: Thank you! I was proud of that costume, as you could tell.

    Beckeye: Word!

    Thanks everyone for stopping by! It's always good to see you and to see new folks. I'm especially pleased to reconnect with folks that have drifted away or those I've drifted away from. I feel a post coming on...

  12. CP: You have a discerning eye.

    So many congratulations to you and PG! Doc and I started dating in July of 1996. The four of us share a courting/couplehood era! We'll have to plan something awesome when we hit 15 years.

  13. "Cormac: You got it! It's good to see you again!"


  14. Wow, you've been on the list for years. I LOVE the hair and agree with GKL.