Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Windows: Life Without Walls

I must say that the new Windows ad campaign is baffling. First all that nonsense with Bill Gates and Jerry Seinfeld buying shoes. Now it's this whole "I Am PC" stuff where people are being encouraged to record themselves and post dorky videos online. The website for this is I'M A PC, which looks to me like imac if you squint.

But my biggest complaint is about their new slogan: Windows. Life without walls. It sort of clanged in my head like so many pots and pans. It made me wonder, if life had no walls, there would be no need for windows, right? I mean windows should be thankful for walls, else upon what would they hang? And if you slide that argument over the virtual "walls" that divide files and folders in their software, they really should be thankful for walls and not shunning them. Otherwise, it would be a file free-for-all and it would take hours to find anything.

I mean what's wrong with walls anyhow? This anti-wall campaign is disturbing, if you ask me. Whenever walls are removed, there's trouble. Take a look at the "open classroom" structures from the 80's: no walls. What happened? They realized it was too damn noisy when there are no walls, so they had to install walls later. I realize that Microsoft is trying to promote a sort of "openness" where people would feel free to let their dork flags fly, but really. Let's not forsake the walls, especially in a society where there is far too much revealed already.

I like walls and I say, let's keep them. They keep the wind, rain and snow out. They give me privacy. They shield me from others. They give me a place to hang pictures of loved ones and copies of famous paintings. I like leaning against them every now and then. I like the way they compartmentalize things, for example, I appreciate how they keep my food away from the toilet. I also like the support they give to things like roofs. Really, they are essential.


  1. If we didn't have walls we wouldn't be able to stand on the other side of them and eavesdrop.
    Not that I do that, just saying.


  2. Philly: Exactly! Not that I do that either...

  3. I don't need walls to let my dork flag fly!!

  4. A perfect rebuttal to a campaign I haven't seen nor do I want to now that I'M A MAC MAN!

  5. I think it's important to dissect slogans like this and expose how ridiculous a lot of them are. Well done.

  6. I don't know this campaign at all, but it's got "NO-CO" writ all o'er it, so there's hope (in that backwards, "no walls" sort of way).

    You're right-- w/o walls, the goddamn ROOF falls on your head, trapping you underneath.

    Reminds me of when Outback Steakhouse said "no rules, just right." Noticed they changed THAT after a bunch of people ate everything in sight and then just ran out without paying the bill shouting "NO RULES!! NO RULES!!" o'er their shoulder.