Sunday, November 07, 2010

The Kids

The girls are loving our new place. They just met some nice kids from the neighborhood today and got to play with them or a couple of hours.

As you know, my kids have their own unique sense of humor. For example, yesterday, they found gummi worms and spent a goodly amount of time ripping them in half, licking the ends and sticking them to their hands and arms. Then they ran up to us and yelled, "OH MY GOD I'VE GOT LEECHES!!!"

I pulled them off and gave them back and my stomach turned as they popped the "leeches" into their mouths.

And for some reason, Lucy has decided to start layering: First a pair of underwear, then some jammie bottoms, then another pair of underwear. It's quite a look. I think she's doing this because her newest pair of fleece pants are a little big for her and the second pair of underware helps to hold them up. She's a belt-and-suspenders type of girl.

Anyway, they are the best and I look forward to their wackiness everyday.


  1. When I travel on business I do that layered look also. The TSA folks always seem to pull me aside, I think they are profiling me.

  2. well, hell, what AIN'T there to lurve 'bout that wonderful pad o' yours? AND them equally luvly kids!!

    I'm glad I know all y'alls...

    hee... "leeches"... I gotta remember that one...

  3. SD: LOL!!

    Dr. MVM: Scarily so...

    Cap'n: Thank ye...