Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Lucy the Mini Theologian

Doc usually says grace before meals. He's got a nice little prayer he says. We hold hands and close our eyes. Well...I usually keep one eye open and on the girls and give them the hairy eyeball if they're not behaving as they should.

Sometimes I'll tag something on to the end of a prayer. I think at one time I was particularly grateful for having clean underwear in my drawer and said as much. Ever since then, Lucy has tagged this on to Doc's prayer: "Thank God for Mommy's underwear!"

Last night at dinner time, Doc went through his short but thorough prayer and when we went to let go of each other's hands, Lucy held fast and said she'd like to add something. We all thought it was going to be about my underwear, but she said no and proceeded with this little number:

Take my advice
We think you're nice
We love your Jesus
We love your Christ

I asked her where she'd heard this and she said she just thought of it herself. And I said, "Good job," and planned to remember this prayer forever. I like that she started it off with "Take my advice." It has a little chutzpah. Plus the "We love your..." stuff is wonderfully distant and stand-offish. I think this little prayer is just right for me.

Lucky me that I have such a Lucy in my life.


  1. That is pretty cute, I love that she made it up herself.

  2. It does have a little chutzpah, I agree. But it also has so much charm and grace I bet it caused God to chuckle a bit. And to smile.

    Lucy got it just right.

  3. That should be embroidered on a pillow.

  4. I'll one up E.V. and say it should be carved in stone.

    Also, I think if more theologians/religious folken would do their services with makeup from "Cats" I think the world would be a better place.