Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Comparative Literature: Breaking Bad and 19 Kids and Counting

I like having two shows going at the same time on Netflix. Right now, it's Breaking Bad and 19 Kids and Counting. I've been struck by the commonalities of both shows:

  • Both portray American families and their struggles and how they problem solve, e.g. both the Whites and the Duggars hold family meetings to address issues
  • Michelle Duggar teaches a class of around 20 students and so does Mr. White
  • Both sets of parents try to protect their respective families from harm and influence from the outside world
  • They are all nerdy
  • The health of one parent is the focus of the show and the family (pregnancy for Michelle and lung cancer for Walt Sr)
  • Both families drive used cars
  • Both families leverage what they have for the most possible gain
I could probably go on. I love both of the shows equally, after being equally squicked out by both at first. And I love the idea of one of those worlds bleeding together in my imagination (literally). 


  1. Both shows make me count the blessings of my own life since I would probably kill myself if I was in the White family and the same with the Duggar family except for the "probably" part.

  2. Have haven't watched either show, I feel left out!

  3. The thing is, the Duggers will probably always drive used cars, the Whites not so much.

  4. If they hooked the Duggars on meth, I'd watch!