Friday, October 20, 2006

The New Simon & Simon

Recently, Doc and I have become very sophisticated at using our DVR. Ever since we gave up buying DVD's, we've missed watching a bunch of episodes of a TV series the most. So, we've started recording every show of every episode of M*A*S*H, then Unwrapped, then Star Trek: The Next Generation. By the time we'd run through STNG, Doc began taping an old favorite series of his: Simon & Simon. I'd never seen the show, and after a few episodes, I started to enjoy them.

But, I was also a little bothered by something. The show typifies 80's television. There are shoulder pads, skinny ties, and a Harry Anderson-esque mavrick side character. This time it's the coroner who's the off-beat weirdo. Ho, ho, ho. I was OK with all of that, once I reminded myself that this was probably pretty funny back in the day. The thing that bothered me was the relationship between the eponymous brothers: Rick and A.J.

If you've never watched the show, A.J. is the suave, debonair, and some other French adjective that escapes me. Mon Dieu! He's good with the wine and ladies, know what I mean? Rick is an ex-marine cowboy (straw hat and fatigues) who sports a moustache. Kind of whimsical and not so swift with the ladies. But he can handle himself in a fight.

As you might imagine, these two good brothers rub each other the wrong way. They spend a good deal of time bickering. Usually about Rick ruining A.J.'S stuff. So A.J. spends 45% of this time bitching about his curtains and carpet. 37% is spent arguing about money. And the remaining 18% of the time: he's shirtless.

"They are so gay," I exlaimed when I put two and two together.

"You know what," I told Doc, getting inspired, "they could probably remake this show today if they set it in Vermont or Canada and made them gay instead of brothers!"

"Huh," he said, noncommittaly.

I would totally watch that.


Word of the Day:

Hoyay!: abbrieviation of Homoeroticism, Yay! Coined on the website: Television Without Pity.



  1. There simply aren't enough gay crime fighters! When do we start writing the first script?

  2. Whazza mattah w/Doc? Is he feelin' a lil' overprotective of his Kinsey Scale setting? >:-}

    I remember the show now that I see a pix of the dudes. I don't think I watched it, but I remember ads for it.

  3. I saw that DVD this weekend. Xmas is just around the corner. Hint hint nudge nudge.