Tuesday, December 19, 2006

I Love Smart People

I heard about this story on the news this morning. This little Italian village that gets virtually no sun in winter installed a mirror in the surrounding mountains in order to reflect the sun's rays onto their dark and sleepy town. So, now the villagers can bask in the winter sun light and their new found fame, as many other dark and cold towns are hoping to share the spotlight. This is civilization at its best and no one had to get disembowelled in the proces, Mel Gibson.


  1. Don't forget Mel was talking about civilizations IN DECLINE. That would be HIS defense, though if he made a movie version perhaps a lil' old lady with weak legs would be sitting on the park bench and burst into flames because some idiot installed a parabolic reflector instead of a mirror.

    Just sayin.

  2. I think Mel made his movie to warn us that we would decline if we didn't stop killing and hating. I just offered this nice little story up to prove that we're doing just fine, despite all his doomsaying.

    Fuck Mel Gibson.