Tuesday, October 30, 2007

For You...Xanadu!

See the sidebar...or rather approach the bar and listen up!


  1. WAIT, that dude in the foreground don't look a THING like Kubla Kahn! He don't look like Kubla an' Ollie OR the wrathful Kahn, either!! No WONDER we all o'er looked this.

  2. I never saw the movie and now I don't have to! You're a candidate for musedom now yourself Flannery!

    I remember the soundtrack and liked it. Wasn't it the Tubes that got all 'Lover I won't take a back seat tonight' in that battle number?

  3. it's about 1/2 way down the page...



  4. Funny...I decided on Halloween that next Halloween I was going to be ONJ's character. Kyra or whatever the fuck. My friends are interested to see if I can navigate my way through Manhattan with roller skates on.

    Dale, I have that Tubes mp3 if'n you want it. I'm that lame.

  5. Beckeye, I won't take a back seat tonight but I will take that mp3.

  6. You're the only critic I know of who uses the word "douchebag". There really should be a lot more of that.