Thursday, October 04, 2007

It's Saturday Night...

You're eight years old. You are settling in to watch the Love Boat. You're wearing your new Christmas jammies (not Christmas themed, but something nice your aunt bought you) with your Underoos underneath. Your hair is still damp from the bath (It is Saturday night after all). Your best friend is sitting next to you; she/he's staying all night.

What snack are you eating?

Us? We're eating popcorn popped on the stove, sprinkled with Mary Jane's Crazy Salt and drinking grape Kool-aid. Oh, yeah!


  1. My favorite nightgown at that time was a long football jersey style with the numbers 00. I begged for it because I knew it was all the rage. After all, I'd seen it on Janet from Three's Company and Susan from Eight Is Enough.

  2. It's only pennies a glass, it just makes sense.

  3. I can remember laughing the night away to the crazy antics of Fred Grandy and Bernie Kopell more than a few times bad in the day, minus the underoos.

  4. Watching Love American Style or Laugh-in, wearing something from Target that was cheap, eating popcorn also, and drinking Chocolate Quick.

  5. I'm with you on everything except:
    -the Wonder Woman underoos. I didn't get into those until my late 20s
    -In Canada, that's "Hockey Night in Canada" night.

  6. Sweet post. Wasn't Fantasy Island on right after?

  7. Elizabeth: Didn't Barbara have one on One Day at a Time too? Those were awesome.

    Dale: I know!

    Chris: You know you had underoos. Probably Batman.

    SD: Ooh! I forgot about Quick! Mmm...

    Vikki: What are Screaming Yellow Zonkers?

    Anandamine: Why will no one cop to the Underoos? They were beauty, eh?

    Grant Miller: Indeed it was. I'd hazard a guess that Mr. Roark had a huge influence on you.

    Evil Genius: That explains a lot.

  8. Are we time traveling?

    I remember Saturday nights when I was about that age. I had my bath and then settled in for the TV lineup of All in the Family, The Jeffersons, Mary Tyler Moore and then something else I don't remember - until the crown jewel of Saturday night:
    the Carol Burnett Show!!

    I think that's how it went. Nothing much to eat; the TV and my cat was all I needed.

    Not that you asked.

  9. We're watching Sammy Terry (a local guy dressed up as a ghoul who introduces all the scary shows) and eating Tu-Your-Door Pizza.

  10. I don't know if even Must See Thursday nights can top the genius of the Love Boat/Fantasy Island double whammy.

  11. Man, I can't believe I didn't get a what-what on the Screaming Yellow Zonkers:

  12. CP: This is what's called "poor man's time travel". We never watched Carol Burnett at my house; my Dad hated her for some reason. I only got to see it at my friends house.

    Kristi: Mmmm pizza. We usuall got that on Tuesday nights...and ate it while watching Laverne & Shirley or Three's Company.

    Beckeye: Amen. The star power alone would blind Matt LeBlanc.

    Vikki: Thanks for the link...I've never heard of that snack...I've probably heard Marge yell it, though I wouldn't have known what she was talking about.

  13. I had a nightgown with a patch on it of a bear wearing a nightshirt and holding a stuffed bunny. There was a banner under that said "The Last Elegant Bear". I thought it was a clothing company name until some 30 years later when I discovered that "The Last Elegant Bear" was a CHILDREN'S BOOK.

    That was my most-favouritest thing to wear in the winter.

  14. ::gasp:: I've sussed it! Ha! now everything makes sense!!

    Thanks! I've got an idea for a new blogcake.

  15. LEMON! Are you talking about "The Last Elegant Bear: The Life and Times of Abiner Smoothie"???

    My god, *I* had that book! I loved it! What rich illustrations!!

    I found it on amazon:

  16. While I'm feeling uncharacteristically verbose, I should mention to you, Flannery, that you might want to track this book down and read it to your girls on cold Ohio nights... It's really fine.

  17. I'm jammied and my brother and I are squished together in the big rocking chair eating popcorm from the electric popper and drinking Pepsi. We try not to choke on the popcorn while we laugh our heads off watching The Muppet Show.

  18. Ahhh... I think I need to take a bath and put on some comfy jammies and watch some Love Boat and Fantasy Island now.

    Popcorn popped on the stove... always. I've never heard of Mary Jane's Crazy Salt, though. And I'm pretty sure we did some kind of soda rather than grape kool-aid. We weren't a kool-aid kinda family for some odd reason. I guess Tang could count.

    I totally rocked the Wonder Woman underoos.