Sunday, September 30, 2007

Dream Girls Is Da Bomb, Dawg!

My hat's off to Jennifer Hudson, my girl from Season 3; she blew it out the box, to coin a phrase. I got the DVD for my dad for Father's Day and made him promise he'd watch it with me. I knew he'd enjoy the movie because he is a total Motown fan (among other things). One of the cool things about my Dad is his love of music. He's turned me on to a lot of great music (Buddy Holly, The Beatles, B.B. King). But then, he's let me turn him on to a few things too (Violent Femmes, Daughtry, Early American Christmas music). He never takes the attitude that he knows best, though he certainly could. He never stopped me from listening to any music of any kind. In fact, he let me buy my very own copy of Get Lucky when I was 13, even though letting my buy an album with a guy's butt gave him pause.

I blame him for my eclectic taste in music; I'll never forgive him for waking me up one morning in high school by blasting "Weclome to the Jungle". Ever since then, I tried to like music that bugged him and then insisted he give it a listen. I found some pretty cool stuff that way. Eventually I quit with that bullshit, but I've always tried to keep an open mind about music.

Anyway, that's why I wanted to share this movie with my dad. The movie seemed like it would be a serindipitous meeting of his thing (Motown) and my thing (American Idol). It was, to a point. After a while, Lucy had a meltdown, then Uncle Charlie arrived, then Dad nodded off (to be fair, the movie was loooooong). But I was glad we watched it together.

I was really touched, to be honest, that he heeded my wishes and waited three months till we had the time to see it togther. Even though we live in the same town now, I still don't see him as often as I thought I would. But that will change, now, since I'm working so close to home. Even though car show season is winding down, we do have Halloween coming up and Dad and I will probably take the girls around. I just have to make sure I keep up with what's going on and keep ahead of his busy schedule.

And we all need to say a rousing chourus of "You go, girl!" for my Mom. She got a contract on their old house and the sale is probably 21 days away. She was patient and competent with the buyers, whom she represents. So, when it comes time to pay up, Mom won't have to split the comission with anyone. She rocked that deal!

God, you guys; I'm so happy these days. I've got a sane job, I've got great family, and I'm all better...the cold's gone, the stomach dragon left, and I am no longer suffering from depression. Halleluia.


  1. Here's to being happy! _You_ go, girl!

    I have a very special first-month-of-college memory of my advisor (who became a close friend) playing me his bootleg copy of Jennifer Holiday singing "And I Am Telling You I Am Not Going" (recorded during a performance in the original 1981 B'way run). Yay, Dreamgirls.

  2. I am so happy for you Flannery, glad you have found your way out of the forest into the clearing!

  3. well, good! I had a great weekend, too, and was quite happy to see all of you. Congrats to Mom as well. ;)

  4. I agree that Hudson rocked it, and that's a tough act to follow. I never saw the Broadway show but I had the album, and when it premiered Jennifer Holliday was on all the talk shows singing "And I Am Telling You." I must've seen her sing it 20 times or more, but it gives me chills every time.

    I think the movie actually improved the plot of the musical. I also think Beyonce is an awful actress, but everyone else seems to love her. Oh well.

  5. I don't see very many movies. But I'll take your word for it.

  6. You didn't get a slightly "Lifetime-movie" vibe from "Dreamgirls?" I did. Especially when whatsherface turned to Jimmy and started singing in little spurts about how she was breaking up with him. I laughed so fricking hard.

    But I did like Jennifer Hudson. Yo,yo,yo. Dawg pound.

  7. all your bad karma packed it's bags and has headed down here to sit on my chest like a succubus... I'm casting around for someone else to dump this on.

    ---Big Orange

  8. Thanks, Red!

    SD: You and me both!

    Genn6: It was a great weekend, wasn't it!

    Vikki: That song had me bawling for sure...with a good case of the chills. Brilliant. And Beyonce...she's just so cute, who cares if she can act!

    Grant Miller: You can take my word for it, but it is a good movie. I think you should see it if you get the chance.

    Beckeye: I did get the Lifetime Vibe watching it, but I shooed it away and gave myself up to the drama. I think it's called the willing suspension of the gag reflex.

    BO: Maybe you could ship it off to your old boss.

    BSUWG: He IS cool.

  9. That's awesome Flannery. I saw Huey Lewis and Loverboy (the Get Lucky tour) at City Island in Harrisburg, PA. I think I still have the shirt... geeze, I'm a dork.

  10. Ooh! Huey Lewis and Loverboy! I saw Huey Lewis and Robert Cray. I never did get to see Loverboy. I don't think I'd go now if I got the chance. Have you seen Mike Reno lately? Yikes...

  11. Flannery, as you know, the first rock concert I ever saw was Loverboy doubled billed with Joan Jett and The Blackhearts (the summer of 1982). Jett kicked ass, but Loverboy was kind of boring. They sounded really good, but as live performers, they weren't very exiting.

    Your dad is the coolest!

  12. JHud did a pretty great job as did Eddie Murphy but that Beyonce, what a smell coming off of her!

    You and your Dad need to form a band.

  13. Elizabeth: To this day, that still makes me crazy with jealousy.

    Dale: We totally should! And that smell off Beyonce? That was cheddar...