Thursday, November 08, 2007


It’s been one year and two days since I started writing my novel. It’s weird: I know what happened to everyone, yet I haven’t recorded it. Any suggestions from you on how to finally nail that sucker down?


  1. Use the ending to the TV series St. Elsewhere. Fade to black and white and it was all happening inside the mind of a young boy who had Autism, and was shaking the snow globe with the hospital inside.

    To me, that was just a magic moment.

  2. write what you already know and fill in the blanks.

  3. Set some time aside each day to write, just a little, and don't beat yourself up if you don't get around to it. Between raising kids and starting a new job, you have a lot to juggle.

  4. I'll keep that in mind, SD.

    Genn6: sounds like a good plan.

    Deadspot: you've hit on it, I think. I feel like I need a week alone in the woods and then I could finish it. As long as there wer no playstations or yarn/crochet hooks nearby.

  5. hide in th' shadows... wait... wait... come up 'round the side of them suckers, then POUNCE!!

    Aw, hell, it didn't work for Arthur Dent or Ford Prefect, either... course they were always high on elderflower wine, too...

  6. Oh...Wait, I guess you were asking for constructive advice!

    I got nuthin.

  7. Keep your eyes peeled, in the next week or so, I've got to praise you like I shhoooooooouuuuullld...

    and you might wanna go through my last few posts and leave some comments so I REALLY have something to praise you o'er ::coff, coff::

  8. Dale kills me every it. But I do agree with deadspot that you just don't have the time and mental space right now to totally devote yourself to this. Plus the holidays are think you're busy now...

    Writing out the parts you already know gives you a firm place to start and little to think about. That way when you do have the time to work on it, the parts you're sure of are already there.

    I will pray for less poop for you.