Thursday, May 08, 2008


Two Seventies Icons Playing Air Guitar.
Waitress? I'll have what they're having...

I can't tel them apart, but Doc and Elizabeth seems to think they are vastly different.

What's your call?


  1. David Soul and Michael York...whew. Michael York was a bit more overly sensuous than Soul was.

  2. Cheeko, or whatever her name is, may be playing air guitar, but that dude with her is mentally imagining copping a feel. That's the "come from behind to gently cup a boob" hand, not the "grab th neck of a guitar" stance.

    Who the hell is David Soul? If it weren't for Bubs *I* would'a thought they were the same person.

    Besides, York is in M'Lady E's favourite movie as Logan 5-- NO ONE can compare to Logan 5!!

  3. Bubs: I still get them confused.

    Cap'n: That dude is Roy Clark! And thank you for recognizing their similarities! David Soul was Hutch in Starsky and Hutch.

  4. Starsky and Hutch. Ha ha, haven't seen that in a while. Though I was looking forward to a picture of Huggy Bear. Oh well maybe next time.

  5. Jeez. It took me forever to place the guy on the bottom. Thankfully, Bubs answered it for me.

  6. Sadly, I knew who both were. Or at least I used to.

  7. David Soul is to Michael York as Mark Harmon is to Kevin Costner.

  8. David Soul, wife beater.
    Michael York, not so much.