Sunday, April 13, 2008

The Stripping Continues

That glue! Argh! It is not coming off very well, even with the help of the steamer. We worked until about 8:30 and are still fighting with it. I'm waiting for the steamer to heat up as I write this. Wish me luck and pray to Jesus that the glue will see the error of it's ways and separate itself from its attachment to material things, namely: the wall.


  1. "Jesus, we pray that the gloo falls from the walls like the scales fell from that dude's eyes on the way to Demacus. Amen."

    Next time you need to use Buddhist glue-- it has no attachments!!

    BWA HA HA!!! I krakk my ass upp...

  2. Is "waiting for the steamer to heat up" some sort of code for what Doc is doing? ;^)

  3. I neglected to mention that PG fed a piece of my sunburnt skin to our cat, and she liked it. I'm scared.

  4. Cap'n: I set, you spike!

    SD: Well, Doc was drowning in a pool of his own phlegm at the time...which is hot, I admit.

    CP: I'm scared too...

  5. You should have asked for my help, I have a knack for stripping...

    So what are you going to do with it once it's a blank canvas?

  6. Have you considered simply removing the wall and putting in a new one? Or, rent/borrow a sandblaster and strip it down to the studs. Oooh, I've heard that bleach and vinegar when properly mixed will produce a super solvent try that.*

    *Note: You should never, ever do anything that I suggest, ever. Seriously, never ever.