Wednesday, April 02, 2008

April Is Poetry Month

Did you know? My friend Roy sent me a poem about poems that I'd like to share:

The Principal Reason for Being

"The principle of sufficient reason states that anything that happens does so for a definite reason. It is usually attributed to Gottfried Leibniz..."

No one wants to ignore Leibniz altogether, but it's clear things happen
without a reason or cause: a ray of sunlight falls on one blade of grass
as opposed to another because it just does. Light is its own rehearsal.
The nature of Illumination is always up for grabs. Sure, there are laws,
first principles, those who search for such things, but where a sunbeam
falls is about Accident or Chance. By definition, Accident isn't a cause.
It's an explanation standing in for one. As such, it's the contradiction
of the assertion made by Leibniz. You are here without a reason—
except that two people fucked. Love may be fictious; fucking isn't.
You could say: Fucking is the reason I'm on this planet. However,
All Things for a Reason implies God. A First Cause. And a few
absolutes on the order of: The principal reason for Being is to fuck.
Maybe I'm telling you those things you know without being told.
But isn't that what poems do: offer reasons? isn't that Poetry?
What better reason than poetry to keep blogging?


  1. mmmm... I like fucking. I have populated the earth by 3 by doing so, though now I've stopped.

    Does this mean that P2W will continue, or that Poor Man's shall rize, phoenix-like, from it's own ashes??

  2. HL,

    I think she's keeping it. Sounds like it anyway.


    Keep the blog around for whenever you want it, but get busy on that novel!

  3. I don't know what I'm doing. I'm trying to figure out if I have the energy to revive this blog. I'm desparate to either fish or cut bait.