Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Favorite Movies of My Home Town

I was heading over to Netflix to browse through the "instant" movies (just add water) and I was faced with a new welcome page, which presented selections I might like based on what I've already viewed. I wasn't surprised by most of the recommendations until I scrolled to the bottom of the page and I saw the five movies that are favorites of my neighbors. I tried to do a screen shot, but it sucked. So I'll just list the movies the people around me love:
  • Pistol Whipped, (3 stars) featuring Steven Segal, described as a "martial arts thriller"
  • The Shepherd, (3.1 stars) featuring Jean Claude Van Dam, described as an "action thriller"
  • Underdog, (3.5 stars), featuring Jason Lee, described by critic Nell Minnow, "There may be no need to fear now that Underdog is here, but there is no reason to feel very happy, either," which is just as I suspected
  • Mission Impossible III (3.5 stars). Ugh
  • The Invisible (3.4 stars), featuring has beens and never was's, an exploration of limbo (not the dance, sadly, rather the state of being pretty much dead)

I'm not exactly sure what to think about this list. I mean, what does it say about us as a municipalitiy? How can Underdog be among any city's favorites? Although, maybe now that I'm on some serious cough medicine, I might enjoy it. Is that the key? Is this whole town on drugs? What does this list say about my home town?


  1. I don't know much about Underdog, but I see that Steven Seagal and Jean-Claude VanDamme made the list...I think I'm more scared of that than anything...

    Oh yeah, I need you to weigh in on something...Britney Spears is now seeking spiritual guidance from Mel Gibson...I heard it on the radio yesterday, so you know it's got to be true!!

  2. It could say that, as a collective, y'all have bad taste.

    It could say that this is but one of the things that happens when we allow computers running statistics programs to make recommendations.

    It could say that a lot of folken our age live there who wanted to see what they did with the whole Underdog thing and rented it to see just how good/bad it was.

    I find it more curious that there IS a "your neighbours are watching..." section at all: what, you're so spineless and whimpy that you can't decide on what movie you yourself want to watch??

    Start renting really weird, old foreign films just to skew the numbers, is what *I'd* do.

  3. Actually, Underdog is the only movie on that list that I would give a chance. I'm a sucker for a flying dog.

    As for the rest, it sounds like this town is full of dopey macho men. Wait, sounds like? I could swear I've seen Steven Seagal at the Super K.

  4. I suspect the flaw is that their sample is too small. When I look at what the "favorite" movies are for my neighborhood on Netflix, I have to call a HUGE no way.

  5. At least when the bad guys come calling on you and your neighbors, there will be a lot of kicking ass and taking names thanks to moves learned from Steven Seagal and Jean-Claude VanDamme.

  6. It's been a while since I dumped Netflix (though they claim to want me back, at least twice a month!) How do you know the favorite movies of your neighbors?

  7. I agree with Cap'n Ergo J. You have to skew the results by continuing to have good taste.