Friday, February 29, 2008

The Mean Streak

The baddest ride I've ever been on. I waited in line for hours. Got in the cart. Suddenly wanted to be anywhere else in the world. Decided at 3/4 up the first hill: I must hold on and hold on to my lunch. It was super tough. But I did it. It nearly crippled me, however.

What's the baddest ride you've ever been on?


  1. It just might be the Mean Streak. Every time I ride I get off rubbing my kidneys and vowing never to ride it again. It's just brutal. It is not a smooth ride.

  2. Old school coasters have their own particular rough ride that makes them great.

    For me, it was Xcelerator at Knotts Berry Farm. Steep and fast!!!

    Then there was this one bar girl in Thailand...

  3. Probably my first marriage. All three months of it.

  4. The baddest? The past eight years of this administration. The best? Flying around and landing on the glaciers of Denali.

  5. I went one of those rides that shoots straight up and then drops you straight down. It was pretty bad ass. Some girl got her feet severed on it a year or two ago.

  6. Worst ride was at Sea World. I got on one of the roller coasters, the one's that strap over your shoulders. On the way up the loop the harness and straps unbuckled and I nearly flew off the ride, good thing the seat between my friend and I was empty for me to hang on to dear life for. No roller coasters for me every again. Worse thing is the kids running the thing saw me and they didn't even close the ride down.

  7. "Bad" as in "built back in the day when no one cared about safety?" That would be the Cyclone at Coney Island. I just call it The Back Breaker, it's much more accurate.

    I love all roller coasters though. The wooden ones really are the best. I haven't been to Cedar Point since I was really little (which kills me) but one of the better ones I rode was in Six Flags Ohio, which I think is Geagua Lake again. It's called The Villain. Pretty awesome. I also love the Lightning Racer in Hershey Park. I think it's the oldest, wooden dueling coaster in the country or something like that.

  8. Pezda's Ghost: Amen.

    Beth: Hee! Would you call him "Maverick"? After the new ride at Cedar Point?

    SD: Oh, boy...Bar Girl = Mine Ride?

    Capn: Don't I know it!

    JY: That's brutal...did you call your first marriage The Beast?

    GKL: That's awesome...I've never glacier hopped before. Is it anything like riding the Matterhorn?

    Grant Miller: There's always a risk of losing a limb, isn't there.

    AD: Jesus God! I've had nightmares like that! I think I might never get on one again now either.

    Beckeye: Alas, Geagua Lake is no more...not even as Six Flags. I used to love the Blue Streak there. Actually, there's a Blue Streak at

  9. I'd love to try that! I love the roller coasters but haven't been on any in a while. I planned to do the Insanity ride in Vegas but weather wouldn't cooperate.

  10. I rode the Texas Cyclone at Houston's Astroworld back in the early 80s. I haven't ridden a rollercoaster since. For YEARS after, if I saw someone on a rollercoaster on TV or in a photo, I would get that feeling in my tummy (the falling feeling). It scarred me for life.