Friday, June 13, 2008

NYC: Day 2 Part B, The East Coast Bloggers Conference

Day 1
Day 2, Part A

Andy and I wandered into the bar area of the Pershing Square Cafe and I craned my neck to see if I recognized anyone. There at the far end of the bar was Beckeye, looking lovely and scanning the room herself.

I walked up to her and introduced myself and Andy. Before I knew it, Coastser Punchman and Poor George appeared out of no where and we were whisked off to our table. We studied the menu and began to talk. It was only awkward for the briefest moment and we were off. Even Andy joined in on the conversation.

I ordered a blackened steak caesar salad, Poor George and Beckeye got the pork chops, Coaster Punchman went with the classic hamburger and Andy got the short ribs. There was wine and gimlets and mojito's, oh my! The mojito was yummy and refreshing, just what I needed after the long hike I had just completed.

We talked of work, American Idol, cooking and the Cap'n, of course. I discovered that Poor George and I are both nazis in the kitchen, and proudly so. I learned just how deep Beckeye's love runs for Michael Johns, the gone-before-his-time AI contestant. CP and I discovered that we shared a mutual admiration for all things Bewitched, even the movie. It was a wonderful way to while away two hours.

But what we said or talked about seems to blur in my memories. Perhaps it was the mojito, but when I think back to that evening a week ago, what I see is a golden glow around our table made up of sass and savvy. I remember what a good time it was to meet these luminaries and find that they were who they said they were. It was a charmed evening and, even Andy agreed, they weren't weirdos.

Thank you, Beckeye, Coaster Punchman, and Poor George for your hospitality and for spending an evening with me. I look forward to returning the favor the next time you're in Ohio. Cold beers, seats in the hot tub and a night at Tiki are waiting for you.



  1. It always warms my heart to know bloggers are getting together in person for the first time. These posts have been great, Flan!

  2. Absolutely wonderful recap of your adventure Flan! Thanks for bringing us all along with you.

  3. Aw, you're such a good storyteller. I enjoyed your company too. But, you didn't think we were weirdos? Really?? I guess we weren't trying hard enough.

    And thanks for not being more honest and just saying "BeckEye blathered on way too much about some Australian dude she will never meet. Someone call a psychiatrist."

  4. Isn't it thrilling to meet up with the glittering NY stars? I remember being nervous and then that they were all blathering weirdos. I called my psychiatrist and he said it was okay.

  5. I don't know why I never commented on this post. How lame. (Of me.) It was great fun to meet you!