Monday, January 11, 2010

The Dream/Reality Barrier

So the other night, Lucy and I snuggled up and hit the hay. It was all comfy cozy as we watched some Futurama and dozed off. At some point in the night, I was dreaming that an intruder had made his way into my bedroom and was holding his hand over my mouth. I was struggling to move my head and get out from under his arm. I wasn't able to get away, but I did turn my head so I could bite him.

As I bit down on his arm, I began to wake up only to realize that it was actually LUCY'S ARM I was biting. She had flung it over my mouth as she tossed and turned in the night! I disengaged my teeth and she pulled her arm away and rolled over, completely unfazed. Creeped out, I tried to get back to sleep. But could only think of the lyrics to this song:

Grandpa's beard is long and gray
It grows longer every day
Grandma chews it in her sleep
Says it tastes like shredded wheat...


  1. You must not have been biting too hard if it didn't bother Lucy. I wouldn't be looking to dodge Child Protective Services quite yet!

  2. EEk! I hope we can leave CPS out of this...

  3. Yeah, that couldn't have been a hard bite. You'd make a terrible vampire and/or zombie.

  4. That poem is pretty funny. Too bad the intruder wasn't another famous person you were biting... like Simon Cowell.