Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Walkie Talkie Talk

The girls got walkie talkies for Christmas and this is my favorite thing I heard them say through them:

"Do you have a visual on the kitchen...I repeat...do you have a visual...over"


  1. I will have to properly train them so they can sound all Military!

    A visual when controlling is called a "tally" short for tally ho from the Brits.

    Check 6 means look behind you for bad guys. As in look at 6 oclock.

    When you are going to release a weapon, the aircraft drops on the third time you say now. As in "Warning red, weapons free. Drop on my command, now. now. NOW!

    I am glad to help...

  2. EG says "ger" sometimes when he means yes. It's 'cause people who don't know how to work walkie talkies right start talking at the same time as they press the button and only the second half of "Roger" comes through.