Monday, September 28, 2009

Is Blogging Going the Way of the 78?

Do you feel nostalgic when you sit down to post something to your blog? I'm starting to. I'm remembering the hey-day, for me anyway, when there was a certain vibrancy to it. But now, it feels like thumbing through the card catalog: It feels like a task, an obstacle to getting to information and feedback. Especially after Facebook came into my life.

I've thought about not blogging. Didn't work. I tried to set goals for myself so that I would write/comment more often. I began to feel that, even though I don't have cable and I still don't have time to catch up with my catalog of favorite shows, how the hell can I blog?

Maybe now's not the time in my life. When I'm at work...I'm working. When I'm at home, I'm with the kids. When the kids are in bed, I'm on Facebook or listening to the DVD commentaries for the Simpsons or Futurama...or, if I'm lucky, a new Father Ted from Netflix (thank you Dr. Monkey Muck for showing us the light!).

I just don't have the opportunity...since shiny Facebook came along. What's better than "Liking" something there? It shows I stopped by and that I care. Because of it and it's simplicity, I'm closer to far-flung relatives, both physically far flung and genealogically far flung, than I've ever been in my life. I'm playing D&D (thanks Frank Sirmarco!), I'm farming, I have a fishtank, I have an appartment! I'm catching up with people I knew and barely knew in high school. I know my co-workers better and like them for it.

It's bizzare and intoxicating. It's Hi-fi, digital, THX communication.


It's somehow lacks the authenticity. The groove has been melded into a sleek metallic grapevine. While useful and somehow easier to deal with, it can't compare to the comfort and ease I get while sliding your blog off the shelf and cranking up the Victorola to revisit your latest post, which is two weeks old. There's something in the quality there...

So, I think I'm going to do what my Dad would do. I'm keeping my collection and I'm still adding to this old blog. I'm going to stop by and visit, even if I have nothing to say. Because if I got rid of them, I'd lose the original would be like tossing the old 78 that captured my Grandpa's performance (in drag, mind you) of his interpretation of Mae West singing.

Come up and see me some time, sailor. Landerhaven Ho!


  1. That's exactly how I'm feeling about blogging and FB lately. It's so much easier to find time for FB but I don't feel like I'm really sharing anything worthwhile.

  2. I guess it does start to feel like a job at times, but I can only do so many lists of things I like on Facebook. Hmm...Says the girl who just posted a list of songs she likes. Maybe you have a point... :)

  3. I post and comment a lot less than I used to, but I doubt I'll ever completely stop. I've never gotten into Facebook, other than to look at people's pictures and wish them happy birthday.

  4. I have gone from finding FB silly, to thinking it's a huge time waster, to finding it useful, to enjoying it, and now I'm coming back to disliking it again.

    FB is to blogging as PowerPoint is to thoughtful thesis writing.

  5. Well said Bubs, that is how I feel. I always feel like I am missing out on something on Facebook because the status messages roll by so quick.

    Perhaps it is my age showing, but nothing about me is quick anymore...

  6. Funny, I was wondering about this recently, also. I have failed to embrace Facebook, but I attribute that to my my personal situation.

    bubs analogy is spot-on, and similar to what Doc said in a comment on my similar post, I suppose.

    I chose to delete an old blog (for 'security' reasons) when I lost patience with trying to download the archive to save it for just me. I really regret it. Wish I had my old 78's to peruse once and awhile.

  7. I'm all Facebooked out. I read your updates, friends' up dates and that's it. Grant isn't even doing as many golden quips as he was last year.

    Facebook is a lot like fast food, good for every once in awhile, but not every day.

  8. I'm all blogged out for now and have resisted the lure of Facebook apart from one attempt to find someone I was missing. I like you in any possible forum.

  9. Wow. I would be fascinated to hear that record. It's incredibly cool that you have it.

  10. I see I'm not the first to echo this. I realized th' other day I've not posted to mine since my b-day on 10/3 and really, what IS there to say now that I've got to back cupcakes all day long in YoVille??

    But, to simply GIVE UP blogging... Ummm... Isn't that, like, BAD for you??

  11. I concur. Whenever I get the urge and have something to say by the time I get home I'm too lazy to do it. I post every so often now but then it's still takes me time. Oh well I still read my favorite bloggers ever so often still.