Thursday, September 17, 2009


I just had lunch next to the most obnoxious dozen people! Not only did they all talk loudly and smugly, but they talked about boring shit. Ugh! They all appeared to be co-workers because they had that sort of comraderie one finds in a machine shop. I'm sure they were in manufacturing because of their swagger and their work talk was technical.

The worst, though, was the adnoidal woman of a certain age who went on ad nauseum about how nice and "womanly" it was to have lunch with just women. Imagine! They only talked about sales and it was so relaxing! No one mentioned construction, or, one presumes, math. They just were girly!

She also went on at length about a trial she was on the jury for, which I won't burden you with. I was ready to impale myself on my drinking straw by the end of my meal when she started talking about someone's birthday at the table and whom did that man secretly want to spank ::winkwink::.

Needless to say, I read 1.5 pages of my book...8 times. Next time, I will trust my instincts and go ahead and ask for a different table before I even sit down.

Now I'm in such a bad mood, nothing but a ton of comments on this post will make me feel better.


  1. I hate going to scrapbook retreats for much the same reason - all these ladies sit around and talk about how great it is to be away from their husbands and how their husbands are so helpless without them, etc. I just want to turn to them all straight face and say, "Why are you married then?"

  2. How very dare they intrude on you like that with their collective inanity. Don't they know who you are?!

  3. On the upside, it's over. I recommend _The Philadelphia Story_.

  4. Next time get your old Rambo costume out, bring a Super Soaker that everyone can even tell through the tank that it is full of blue ink, and mumble something about drawing "first blood" in a demented Stallone imiation.

    I guarantee that you will get not only peace and quiet, but the entire section of the restaurant to yourself.