Wednesday, February 24, 2010

When I'm Rich and Famous

I will:
  • Partner with Lady Gaga on a PSA
  • Start a foundation and sit on the board
  • Buy an island and the appropiate modes of transportation to get there
  • Get book deals for all of you
  • Write my memoirs or a children's book
  • Testify in front of Congress on behalf of something meaningful
  • Send my kids to a school where they can play lacrosse, ski and learn Chinese
  • Fund a restaurant
  • Promote the budding circus careers of my nieces and nephew
  • Find good help (I know, it's hard)
  • Hire a personal trainer
  • Start playing racquetball with Steve Martin
  • Buy my parents Cadillacs


  1. One would hope the board you sit on doesn't have a nail sticking out of it.

  2. The island one has always appealed to me. If I had that kind of money, I'd consider purchasing one.

  3. SD: We'll bring back the "Books...check 'em out!" campaign.

    Dr: Indeed.

    SG: We'll timeshare.

  4. Will the PSA be about school-aged girls and how they should be nice to each other?

    Flan: Girls, if the student sitting next to you in class makes you mad, don't poke her face.

    Gaga: Violence is never the answer. Don't fight. Just dance.

  5. You deserve it, Barbara.

    And Beckeye: You're hired!