Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Celebrities Who Have Appeared In My Dreams: Genn6

I'm in New York City for work. I'm wandering around in the pre-dawn hours with my co-workers trying to find a prostitute...we needed to ask her some questions. We went into a bar, but it was fairly empty. We stepped outside and I realized I was close to Genn6's apartment. So, I told my co-worker that we should stop by and see if Genn6 wanted to get something to eat with us.

We walked up a couple of floors and entered her apartment. It was three dark gray rooms and the main room had a black futon. My co-workers gathered around and decided to play Sorry! with Doc and Lucy. Genn6 and I agreed to go out and get food to bring back to the apartment. One co-worker was delighted to see the board and that it was the abbreviated version of Sorry!. He said, "There are a ton of different ways to play this game!"

We left them to it and hit the road. When we got to the street, it was gray but starting to lighten up. Then it started to rain. It was glorious and refreshing. We both looked up, raised our hands and started to dance. We eventually sought cover in a store that sold candles. They had a large collection of Beatrix Potter stuff, but none of the candles smelled like anything but candles.

They had a vintage clothing section in the store and Genn6 found a retro teal and gold tweed suit. It had a long jacket and a skirt. The shop ladies kept saying, "It'll never fit you..." But when she tried the jacket on it fit perfectly. The skirt had some problems; someone had tried to turn it into shorts. I thought I could probably fix the skirt for her and recommended that she buy it.

And then I woke up.


  1. wow! Not only am I a bonafied celebrity, but I'm in a Flannery dream!!! What an honour. :)
    I like the idea of being in New York City and playing Sorry! with you guys too. I hope that dream comes true!! :)

  2. Hmmm... I need to start writing some o' these-type cakes meself, especially since I dream o' th supah-stah in the pix standing next to Ms. Genn6 showin' off her unders... Meeyow!!

    Acutally, all my dreams are PTSD-like dreams of being a teacher...

  3. You and Genn trying to find a hooker. That's a dream that I would like to see turned into a movie!

  4. Isn't it amazing that you know in dreams what things smell like? I have always found that utterly fascinating.

  5. It's exciting isn't it, Genn? I got to be in a Flannery dream once, too...with Greg Kinnear no less!

  6. I still show off my knickers, some things never change. :)
    SD, who plays the part of the hooker in that movie? Or who plays me and Flannery, lol!
    The only celebrity I've ever dreamed about was Ben Roethlisberger, go figure. :) It is exciting, still smilin'!