Sunday, January 30, 2011

How It's Made

I could watch TV shows about manufacturing all night long, especially "How It's Made." Lucky for me there's a marathon on this weekend. I love this show. It's so random in it's choice of subjects. There's no theme or anything. Just items pulled out of a hat. The current episode I'm watching will show us how the following items are made:

  • Suits of Armor
  • Street Light Bulbs
  • Bent Hard Wood
  • Membrane Switches
And this will be done in less than 30 minutes. It's fast, folks. Also, you don't get to hear the manufacturing. They have a soundtrack that is generic rock or light rock. Some white guy tells you all about what's going on. And he really zips you through it.  


You can't beat it. You learn something new and the kids pass out from shear boredom. Also, there's a lot of clunky puns. 

What's not to love? 

Also...How Bacon Is Made


  1. Did you catch the one about climbing ropes and safety ropes? The weaving machines look like something just waiting to take you hand or head off!

  2. Yay, another show to become addicted to! I'm there!

  3. I suddenly have a cravin' for eggs. I don't know why.