Monday, May 07, 2007

First Day Of School

Saturday and Sunday I spent in my first class for my masters degree. It was a one credit hour course and I'm done with it (except for the homework). Only 38 credit hours to go!
It's an 18-month weekend and online program that I had a hand in designing. It's interdisciplinary and I got to research and recommend what classes should be in it. So, basically, I helped design a masters degree program perfectly suited to me. And 22 other people who are in my cohort.
I rule.


  1. do rule.

    That's so awesome!

  2. That is incredible, getting to design your own course! You really do rule, but do you rule with an iron fist?

    By the way, cutest picture I have seen in a long time.

  3. You are the architect of your future. Good luck! I'm too broke and/or lazy to go back to school.

  4. You are the coolest.

    So what are you getting the graduate degree in?

  5. Dirty: Thanks!

    Skylers Dad: I will rule with an iron fist! In a velvet glove, of course...

    Beckeye: I don't have to pay for it...part of the benefit of working at a university.

    Tanya: Thanks!

    Phil: My degree will be a masters of education.

  6. yew so totally rawk!! Even IF you've got really knobby knees.

    You know, you MORE than rawk-- you have manipulated the situation so it benefits you directly. That's almost scary.

    I'll be looking to see you next in a yellow hard hat building bridges to the future.

  7. Love that photo. And the fact that you're in a cahoots with a cohort.

  8. B.O.: Those aren't my knees, sadly. And yes I am scarily manipulative, but I'm so good at it, you really wouldn't mind being manipulated by me. In fact, when I run things, I hope you will join my staff.

    Dale: I love the phrase "in cahoots".

  9. Well then I don't want to hear you complaining about it. You have only yourself to blame.

    Cohort is one of those mysterious words that educator professionals seem to use, like "rubrik."