Wednesday, April 25, 2007

My New Catchphrase

I was inspired by deadspot on the web to adopt a juicy morsel of a catchphrase:
"Make it snappy, Sunshine!"
Today I used it for the first time and to great effect. Judging by the reaction I got, I believe it will take off here in my workplace.

Thanks, deadspot; you rock.


  1. I have a catch phrase, but I don't think it is from any movie I can remember. I always say, "What's shakin' bacon." It is lame, but it is what I say when caught off guard (like at work when I'm surfing the intenet and someone shows up to ask me a question).


  2. I think bacon is always appropriate, Blake. Maybe I could adopt this one too, especially since I tend to want to exclaim: How's it hangin'? when surprised. It's really not appropriate.

  3. I don't really have a catchphrase, though I do say "Oh, balls" a lot.

  4. I'm stealing your catchphrase.


  5. No apologizes necessary, K.I.D. I offer this catchphrase up as a public service.

    Beckeye, I've never used that one specifically, but sometimes I say "buggary bollocks" which is in the same ball park.

  6. I like to use, "I'm hip with your jive," to affirm and, "Are you picking up what I'm layin' down?" to question a persons understanding.

  7. Nice, Phil. I especially like "are you picking up what I'm laying down".

    I'm going to have to adopt some of these in my kids are beginning to pick up their catchphrases from Full House.

    "You got it, dude"
    "How rude"
    "Have mercy"
    "Oh, baby!"

  8. Flann- There's a lyric from a song that I kinda like that might make a good catch-phrase - You better get right or you're gonna get left (Robert Randolph).

  9. I'm pretty happy with that - I have a few sales reps I can try that out on. Thanks!

  10. I don't have a catchphrase, but your girls always giggle when I call them silly buns!

  11. Deadspot has always been way ahead of his time in culture and catchphrase alike. He hated Alanis Morrisette way before anybody else did.

  12. Deadspot...I'm glad you're glad...

    Chris, I would need to say that catchphrase with a southern accent. I'll put it in my back pocket.

    CP: You're welcome! And thanks for stopping!

    Elizabeth: Well, silly buns is funny!

    Johnny Yen: Just another reason to honor him!