Friday, April 20, 2007

The Doppler Effect: Inspirations From Echo

My good pal, Echo, wrote a delightfully entertaining post: Wherein I Step Into It With A Bunch Of Fundamentalists. In the comments he announced he was dropping an album of Mormon Hip Hop called "Damn, It Feels Good To Be A Mormon." Being in a collaborative mood, I brainstormed a list of song titles. Echo insisted that they were too dope to be mere comments. He advised me not to hide my light under a bushel and create post.

So, here they are, dawg...

1. Gosh darn it! Don't call me Dave!

2. SanctimonyBack, featuring Timbaland

3. Sacrilicious, with Homer & Fergie

4. I Wanna Marry You, and You, and You

5. This Is Why I'm Holier Than Thou

6. Don't Rock Yo Hips

7. I Like 'em Young (Brigham Young)

8. Prayin'

9. Party Like an MTC Singer

10. Unglamourous

11. Amazing Grace, yo


  1. I know,'s from The Simpsons.

    Echo, you're a goof.

  2. You brilliant heathen, you! Great stuff!

  3. There has to be a song about 'Blood Atonement'. There's just gotta!

  4. Chris: Thanks!

    Frank: Blood Atonement is the hidden bonus track

    Deadspot: I wish it were mine.

  5. ...Either that, Frank, or Blood Atonement is the Morman Metal album I plan to drop next. We can offer the series through K-Tel records.

  6. Amazing Grace, yo. I think that's the way Randy Jackson sings it.