Friday, May 18, 2007

If We Build It, Will You Come?

My neighbor, Frank, found a classified ad for a farm in Ashtabula, Ohio. The people who are selling it are asking for people to send in $100 and and essay. They will then pick the one they like and give the farm to the winner.

Well, we are all over this idea. In fact, when I chatted with him last night, we came up with the ideas in the previous post. Actually, I didn't mean to post the list, but I left it up anyway. I thought they sounded intriguing.

I have been charged with writing the essay and Frank is putting up the hundred bucks. But I need your help. I'm going to outline the dream here and I want you to let me know what you think. I also want to know if it would be someplace you would like to go for vacation.

The Dream

We would like to create a bed and breakfast that caters to the whims and wants of writers. It would be a place where people go to get some peace and quiet, soak up nature, have time to reflect, talk about ideas around a campfire or fire place. We would also have a first rate chef (Frank) and the kind of kitchen where, if you were a guest and felt like cooking, you could pitch in.

In the winter, we could have "snowed-in weekends," no phones, no TV, just the radio, the fireplace and good company. I would also like to make an arrangement with the local schools and give guests the opportunity to tutor students. Maybe we could bring people in to help tutor the guests too.

If there is enough land, we could set up a golf course that could be used day or night. During the night, Frank thinks we should have food and drink stations at every hole. And lasers to light the course.

What do you think?


  1. I was WONDERING where the hell that last post came from. Sounds dreamy; write away!!

  2. I like the plan, but I think the essay is alittle dry. If all they want is a description of what you would do with it that's great, but might they be looking to be stylistically impressed?

  3. I just reread your post and saw that this was an outline. Cool. I'll be there when you open.

  4. Sounds wonderful Flannery, good luck with making the dream happen.

  5. I'm already pulling out my longjohns so I can have a "snowed in weekend" around the main hall's fire, reading bad poetry to y'all...

  6. I am sooooooooo there!! Wow.

    But, what's the 100 bucks for?

  7. Boob Lady,

    The $100.00 is the entry fee for the contest. The couple that ownes the farm is going to pay off the mortgage with the entry fees. There's been some buzz that this isn't legal, so I'm keeping my eye on the news.

  8. I see where the property includes an apple orchard. What's more inspiring, more challenging and more rewarding than making pie crust, say, for an apple pie?

    Why nothing, of course.

  9. All clear. Word is there's no offenses to the Ohio legal system. It's a go!

  10. So is the whole concept to suit writers, or just the bed/breakfast-thing? There's a lot of ideas there that could go along with any resort plan, but if you're catering to writers golf?