Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Oh, Tasty Schadenfreude!

Guess who's joined the ranks of celebrity apology-makers! It is Ty Pennington! He was arrested on drunken driving charges. Finally, this clean-cut, hunky do-gooder with quip package has tarnished his halo.

Not that I am against do-gooders. I just can't stomach all the "look at these unfortunate people and watch us change their lives for the better by spending millions of dollars on ridiculous construction projects when giving that kind of money to Habitat for Humanity would help so many more people but if we did that you couldn't see how wonderful we are being so we opt for the showy, yet much less effective, ta-dah! instead," bullshit he represents.

Extreme Home Makeover reminds me of the show "Bye Bye Birdie," where a rock star is drafted and his PR people decide that he'll symbolically kiss all the girls goodbye by picking one girl and kissing her on TV. It's a stunt that purposefully pushes certain buttons in people to coax out a specific emotion, i.e. an emotional lapdance. It also seems to exempt them from doing any real good in the world. ABC could learn a thing or two from Fox and Idol Gives Back.


  1. thank you for not hyphenating all of that.

    T is a big fan of that show, but in the back o' me mind it's bugged me for some reason, and you just nailed it: not Ty's clean-cuttiness, but the idea that if you've got THAT MUCH $$$ to spend in the service of humanity, maybe it should be spent more equally.

  2. I hadn't really thought of it that way until you mentioned it, but that money could be spent so many better ways.

    And what is up with these celebs who are richer than rich, and won't hire themselves a driver?

  3. As someone who gets roped into home improvement projects grudgingly and with an accurate view of the time, expense, effort, and tears involved, I would enthusiastically cheer if someone were to carpet bomb the entire HG Network.

  4. I just found your blog all by myself.
    I'm a big boy now!

    Now talk about boobs, like you promised.

  5. BO: You're welcome.

    Skylers dad: I know! They are obviously idiots.

    Deadspot: Hee!

    Randy: Welcome, big boy! You could look here or here or perhaps here. I'll also try to come up with some fresh and perky tits stories in honor of your becoming a big boy.

  6. Thank you Flannery.

    My other interests include:
    Elvis Costello
    The Wiggles
    Exposing hypocrisy
    Listening to National Drag and other dead bands
    Vicariously living thru Chris and Megan

  7. You can find much of that by searching this blog...

  8. Ty's a weinie!

    I never get tired of looking at that picture of Q!

  9. Ty one on and this is what happens!

    I sent your questions to your yahoo, the one listed on the novel sidebar thingy Flannery Alden.

  10. I happen to enjoy emotional lap dances.

  11. I *hate* Ty Pennington. I think his demeanor is insulting, and his voice is like fingernails on a chalk board.

  12. It looks like I'm going to be the only one on here that says this...so with a deep breath...I love Ty. The kids want me adopt or marry him.
    I love his show, I loved him when he was on Trading Spaces.
    I do agree the money could be more economically spent, but that's not good ratings, so it doesn't bring in sponsers, hence making money for the network.
    In the end though, I just love Ty and feel sorry that he is such a dip to drink and drive...but lots or people are stupid like that.
    Thanks for the apology Ty, let's move on.

  13. I love EHMO. I'm such a sap when it comes to that shit. I always cry. And as annoying as Ty gets with that bullhorn, he is still hot.

    At least he's owning up to his mistake and not blaming it on his publicist or worse. I could see him in court, "Paul the carpenter told me it was legal in this county to drive drunk."

  14. I forgot to mention it, but Schadenfreude is one of my favorite words. ...and one of my favorite vices.