Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Leadership Lessons From Amanda: How To Assert Your Authority

As a leader, sometimes it's important to show everyone who is boss. In order to do this, you must assert your authority appropriately. Let's watch the master...

Here are the key lessons we can take away from this demonstration:

  • Fire people publically to assert your dominance
  • Occaisionally, it is necessary to name-call in order to put people in their place
  • In a one-on-one situation, physically dominating and cornering someone sends that person a message that you are in charge and mean business
  • If you need to blow your stack, especially over a personal matter, make sure only to do it in front of one person, that way you can deny it ever happened later. Allison made the mistake of getting personal publically; that's why she is no longer in charge.
  • Once you've had your say, bring everyone back to task; after all, you never want to keep clients waiting.


  1. I think you've got the makings of a regular feature, here!!

  2. I wish women on TV still wore miniskirts...

  3. Wait! Wait!

    She said "I'm going to do you the way you did me," and they cut to a pool, and then the clip ends?

    What did we miss?

  4. BOUM: Indeed!

    Chris: Totally

    Skyler's Dad: Don't they?

    GKL: What is up with her hair? It looks frazzled.

    Deadspot: If we are looking for leadership lessons, we have missed nothing.

  5. It's amazing...i watched that show on a regular basis but I've blocked out so many episodes.

    Truth be told, I was always more of a 90210 girl.

  6. If she was that assertive with Richie Sambora, maybe Heather would still be married...

  7. Holy sweet Christ, that bitch cannot act.