Monday, November 19, 2007

Vintage Flannery: The ABC Book of Stars and Singers

I found some stuff I wrote in high school and I thought I'd share...

A is for Adam Ant (singer)
B is for Barry Manilow (singer)
C is for Christopher Cross (singer)
D is for Dom Deluise (star)
E is for Elton John (singer)
F is for Foriener (singers - group)
G is for Greg Kihn (singer)
H is for Huey Lewis and the News (group)
I is for Ingrid Bergman (star)
J is for Juice Newton (singer)
K is for Kim Carnes (singer)
L is for Loverboy (group)
M is for Mike Reno (singer)
N is for Nancy McKeon (star)
O is for Olivia Newton-John (singer/star)
P is for Paul McCartney (singer)
Q is for Queen (singers/group)
R is for Rick Springfield (singer/star)
S is for Scott Smith (singer)
T is for Tim Conway (star)
U is for Utopia (singers/group)
V is for the Vapors (singers/group)
W is for Wings (group)
X is for XTC (singers/group)
Y is for Yes (singers/group)
Z is for Fank and Moon Unit Zappa (singers)


  1. A is for Abigail who fell down the stairs

    B is for Bertrand, assulted by bears.

    C is for Cathy, who was lost out at sea

    D is for Donald, who died of ennui.

    I didn't write that, but I read it in high school.

  2. I'm guessing Tim Conway and the Vapors probably don't end up on the same list very often.

  3. Amazing.

    And don't forget - the Heart of Rock and Roll is in Cleveland.

  4. Hot Lemon: That's how I want to go; I want ennui to get me.

    Deadspot: I'm guessing you're right.

    Grant Miller: I'll never forget. And thank you.

  5. That may be the only time Ingrid Bergman and Loverboy have ever been mentioned during the same train of thought.