Tuesday, July 08, 2008

I Love My Country

It finally came, my economic stimulus check. Woo-hoo! My mother said, "Save some," my Grandma said, "Get something to remember it by." My stack of bills is saying "Pay me!" My kids are saying, "I just want one toy." Doc is saying, "I just want one beer."
Me, I'm just drunk with an extra paycheck. Too bad W can't run again...I'd vote for him just to say thanks. Yeah, I'm drunk, all right.
Isn't America awesome? Especially in comparison to other countries. In United States you stimulate the economy, in Soviet Union, economy stimulates you!
Hey...wait a minute!


  1. There is a car dealer around here who is offering to triple your check if you buy from him. It's almost tempting.

  2. congratulations! My $.02 would be to do a slight bit of each suggestion....or is that Communism?

  3. where's mine?! Where's mine?! (I thought these were due out back on May 2nd?)

    Better late than never, I guess, though 1/2 of mine goes South. Hey! I can open a bank account now!!

  4. Mine's already gone. Mostly to bills. Sigh. I hate money. I'd love to go back to the old days of bartering.

  5. I'm with BSUWG. Can we get a keg? Please, pretty please.