Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Things You Don't Hear Much Anymore

  • Nobody move! I dropped my contact lens!

  • Mind if I smoke, Doctor?

  • Can you please adjust the TV antenna?

  • Hold the record by the edges!

  • Honey, where'd you put the Jarts?

  • I just got my Edsel back from the service station...

  • AM Radio plays the best music!

  • I've never seen this episode of the Brady Bunch!

  • Leaded or regular?

  • Ok, kids, hop in the back of the truck!

  • Ginger, would you please get me the Peterson file and a cup of coffee? Thanks, doll!

  • I went to New York City and paid three dollars for a hamburger, can you believe it?!?

  • I've got to hurry or I'll miss my trolly!

  • Welcome to Sears, Mr. and Mrs. Jones...for newlyweds like you, I recommend this handsome twin bed set.


  1. Which channel should we watch tonight? ABC, NBC, or CBS?

  2. I have no idea what a Jart is. But I miss trolleys.

  3. Jarts! Giant yard darts that you pitched into a 2 foot rubber circle. They were pulled from the market after 3 children died from jart related injuries.

  4. So what's a Jart? I've got to go home and turn over the tape on my answering machine.

  5. I tried to read this post, but my pager kept going off.

  6. Jarts ruled! They never should have been taken off the market. We were heavily supervised by our parents when we played. A little more responsible parenting and we'd still have a fun lawn game.