Sunday, March 28, 2010

Uncle Ralph Chimes In: Get off of my Lawn!

Since when do you think you can cut through my yard?!? Don't you see the signs?!? Can't you read, hippie? I didn't spend all that time in the shit to come back home and have you goddamn kids disrespect my Kentucky Blue! Why can't you drive everywhere like a respectable American? You think you're protecting the environment by walking, don't you. Well, just whose environment would that be? Certainly not mine.

I get up everymorning to water my lawn. I dig out every dandilion by hand. I've got the same lawn equipment they use at Wimbleden so that I can beautify my environment. I did not plan for lawn ornamentation that included you. Get this through your earbuds, buddy: Just because I'm between your house and the Circle K doesn't mean you can drag your knuckles across my environment! You'd best reprogram that GPS and find another route ASAP.

You kids today with your MyBook Faces and your iWhatevers have got no respect for anything around you.

Now, GIT! And don't let me catch you coming through here again. My Grandson's a cop!


  1. I am so looking forward to the old lady you become.

    And it isn't just because you are hot...


  2. Woah! I thought I was grumpy. I can't wait til I get old. :-)

  3. Uncle Ralph sounds like someone I once knew.

  4. Doc: Oh, stop!

    David: Me neither!

    Some Guy: He's a common crank...

    BTW: this picture was from one of those adds in yahoo mail. It was inspirational.

  5. I knew Uncle Ralph would strike a chord with some of you!

  6. I think Uncle Ralph lives next door to my old house in cleveland!!!