Monday, March 21, 2011

Top 40 Countdown: Losin' It

As of the counter at the right, I will be 40 in 7 weeks time. It's time to get serious. I've restarted my fitness regime again. I want to lose one to two pounds a week as a birthday present to myself. If I meet my goal, I will likely be one clothing size smaller.

So far, I've been working out by alternating fitness DVD's. At present, my favorite one is Bob Harper's Strength Training. It's 66 minutes long and there's a progress bar at the bottom so you know exactly how much longer you have to go until you're done. After having this, it's hard to tolerate the other work out DVD's and trust the trainer. I've mixed in a couple of Jillian Michaels DVD's too...the Six Week Six Pack is featuring heavily in the rotation. And there's a bonus: Neither one of these trainers feels the need to say "Don't forget to breath!" which is nice.

I've been working out daily for the past week and I'm just now starting to notice some changes. My biceps have definition, which is new. Now, if only the rest of my body would follow suit and fast. Maybe next week...

I need to do this for my health, but more importantly, I'd like to look good on TV when I get famous. So, wish me luck and let me know any secrets you have on sticking with it.


  1. You already look great if you ask me.

  2. I second Dr. M. My feet didn't touch the ground the night I turned 40 - I rocked it all night long. Enjoy your journey!!!

  3. Good luck! I recently got a dog. He has to be walked a lot, to keep him from acting like a complete idiot. So, the upshot is that I've lost 10 pounds or so. The tilling an 80 foot length of yeard by hand probably didn't hurt, either.

  4. Good job! My advice for sticking to the program would be to get yourself some music you really love and play it really loudly while exercising. I know this doesn't work with following a DVD, but you could always mute it.