Friday, June 01, 2007

A Conversation With Lucy

Lucy: I farted!
Me: Nice.
Lucy: I farted, Momma!
Me: Good job, honey.
Lucy: I farted!!!
Me: Did it stink?
Lucy: Yes!
Me: Congratulations!
Lucy: Thank you!


  1. does THAT qualify as "a lot of knowledge", I wonder?? :}

  2. I am more than a little jealous, nobody ever tells me good job when I fart these days.

  3. Please tell Lucy I farted today too. And on other days too. I thought I did quite well too but nobody said a thing.

  4. Ha ha ha! The simple pleasures in life are the best.

    Reminds me of when one of my nieces was about 4. We were at the candlelight Christmas church service (one of my twice a year trips to church) and there was a very silent moment where she announced loudly to my sister, "Mommy, I farted!" You wouldn't believe how many old biddies there were making their frowny, disapproving faces. Of course I laughed and laughed and laughed...

  5. that is exactly why I love your children....

  6. Don't forget all the fake belching. Who knew the future queen of toilet humor would be so cute?

  7. Yes, that and when they knock over your best stuff in the house...that, is why God makes kids so darn cute.

  8. BO: It's a lot of hot, yeah.

    Skyler's Dad: Good job on your farting, SD. It was exceptional in both its resonance and its perfume.

    Dale: I will. And good job on your farting. Your SBD's are the best in the world.

    BeckEye: Farts are funny; I hope I never forget that and become one of those disapproving old biddies.

    Genn6: XOXOX

    Elizabeth: Ah, yes. Lovely Lucy is a frat boy in the making.

    WP: Amen

  9. Why thank you so kindly for noticing Flann!!

  10. Egads, that's cute.

    I have a lot of flatulence (due to my "condition"), and no one ever congratulates me (anymore).

  11. I think she made it up. Farts can't come from a kid that cute.